A new flood watch for Eastern Iowa

An above view of the IMU showcases the power of the 2008 flood that many Iowans still remember (/studentlife)

Natalia Welzenbach-Marcu | March 6th, 2018

Flood warnings for Eastern Iowa were released in late February. The Dewitt area is especially susceptible, as the local river, the Wapsipinicon, is expected to rise .3 feet higher than its typical flood level. Though the area is used to flooding, the warnings are still something to heed.

Floods are often caused by a combination of heavy spring rains and melting snow, causing rivers throughout the Midwest to overfill and spill onto their banks, often irreparably damaging property in the process. The Midwest is especially vulnerable to flooding because of the generally temperate climate–snowy winters and stormy springs bring high levels of river water.

While Iowa has not seen a truly disastrous flood since 2008, the Flood Center emphasizes the importance of predictions and preparation. Recent projects around Iowa, such as the raising of Dubuque Street in Iowa City or the flood control system in Cedar Rapids, are just a few of the precautions being taken to guard against future floods. The 2008 flood damaged crops and forced citizens to evacuate their homes, affecting everything from business to college facilities.

The Iowa Flood Center hopes that, by educating people about the dangers of flooding, future flood damaged can be reduced overall.

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