Toyota is making moves for clean energy

Toyota (Saud Al-Olayan/flickr
Kasey Dresser | December 15,  2017

The Japanese car company, Toyota, has recently announced new plans to be more environmentally conscious. 

To start, they are building a power plant, opening in 2020, that will produce clean energy from cow manure. The project is known as the Tri-Gen Project and will be located in Long Beach, CA. According to Science Alert, the plant is expected to power 2,350 homes and fuel 1,500 hydrogen-powered vehicles daily. The facility will also have one of the largest hydrogen fueling stations in the world.

Toyota made plans to stop producing cars with internal combustion engines by 2040.  And by 2050, they plan to reduce vehicles carbon emissions by 90%. The website and press release go over 4 more goals to better the companies environmentally friendly business.

Scott Pruitt has also expressed interest, publicly, in partnering with Toyota. This will be the first alliance since the lawsuit of 2003 when the EPA sued Toyota for violations of the Clean Air Act. The new partnership is being actively discourage by the Environmental Working Group. The EWG is a non-profit organization that has been a large player in creating federal environmental policies. Ken Cook, the President of EWG, sent a detailed letter to James Lentz , the CEO of Toyota, expressing concerns about the alliance. His biggest concern is Pruitt’s new 30% budget cut and feels Pruitt’s presence in the EPA will cause more harm than good.

For now, the EPA and EWG both agree that Toyota’s new environmentally friendly goals are a step in the right direction.

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