Nitrate in Iowa: Episode two

Jenna Ladd| August 3, 2017

In the second episode of Nitrate in Iowa, Iowa Environmental Focus’ mini-video series about nutrient pollution in the Hawkeye state, we consider two perspectives on this issue. First we speak with Iowa State Senator and century farmer, Kevin Kinney of Oxford, Iowa. Kinney argues that while agriculture plays a role in nutrient pollution, so do point sources in urban areas. Next, we hear from former University of Iowa professor of Environmental and Occupational health and founder of the Iowa Policy Project, David Osterberg. Osterberg points out that the research on nutrient pollution overwhelmingly points to agricultural runoff as the primary contributor.

Both agree that in order to improve water quality in the state, some compromises must be made.

The first episode of Nitrate in Iowa features Dr. Chris Jones of IIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering providing a basic overview of nitrate science, it can be found here. A full-length discussion about the effects nitrate in drinking water have on human health is provided in this episode of EnvIowa, our new podcast.

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