On The Radio: 2016 Iowa Farm and Rural Life poll released

Jake Slobe | June 5, 2017

This week’s On The Radio segment discusses the recently released results of the 2016 Iowa Farm and Rural Life survey.

Transcript: The 2016 Iowa Farm and Rural Life survey results were recently released, providing information about how Iowa farming practices are changing over time.

This is the Iowa Environmental Focus.

The Iowa Farm and Rural Life poll, commonly called the “Farm poll,” was established in 1982 and is the longest running survey of its kind. Each year, the same 2,000 farmers are surveyed so that researchers can track changes in opinion over time. This year, 1,039 completed the survey, answering questions about their current conservation practices and who they rely on for trusted information when making farming decisions.

The poll revealed which conservation practices are most common in Iowa. More than forty percent of respondents reported using buffer strips and no-till farming, while less than twenty percent said they had converted cropland into perineal crops or utilized extended crop rotation during 2015.

The farm poll is managed by Iowa State University Extension Sociology. Information from each year’s survey is made available to local and state lawmakers, and is often used to inform policy decisions that affect rural Iowans.

To read more about the 2016 Iowa Farm and Rural Life poll, visit iowaenvironmentalfocus.org.

From the UI Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, I’m Betsy Stone.

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