University of Iowa to hold forum on the water rights tonight in the University Capitol Center

(Flickr / Peter Esser)
 Jake Slobe | November 30, 2016

Tonight in the University Capitol Center, the University of Iowa will hold a forum discussing the significance of humans having access and rights to water.

University Capitol Centre Rm 1117
Wednesday, November 30 
7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

During this event, the panelists will discuss the fundamental importance of the basic human right to water and it’s implications for human health and well-being. The event aims to engage community members and students in a productive dialogue concerning how these rights and our water resources are being threatened in surprising and worrisome ways domestically and globally. The goal that those in attendance leave feeling informed about the often unconsidered implications of these threats and use their knowledge to stand up for their rights to water and those of others.

The Panelists will include Eric Tate, assistant professor of Geography and Sustainability Studies, and Maureen McCue, an adjunct clinical assistant professor at the University of Iowa Colleges of Public Health and Liberal Arts and Sciences.  She is a founding member, faculty, and former director of the University of Iowa Global Health Studies Program. UI students Kareem Butler and Channon Greer will also be on the panel.

The panel discussion is sponsored by Iowa Chapter  of Physicians for Social Responsibility. Co-sponsors are the UI Global Health Studies Program, the Office of Sustainability,  the UI Center for Human Rights.

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