Moderate to major flooding continues for northern Iowa

Cumulative rainfall for the previous eight days is indicated by green to black coloration. Much of northern Iowa is experiencing moderate to major flooding. (IFIS)
Jenna Ladd | September 23, 2016

Parts of northern Iowa have been struck once again with flash flooding and river flooding from Wednesday into early Thursday morning.

Communities in southern Minnesota, northern Iowa, and western and central Wisconsin received anywhere from four to fourteen inches of rain overnight. Rainfall in the area quickly ran over already saturated ground due to several flooding events in the month of August and the region’s hilly geography, according to The Weather Channel.

The Shell Rock River has risen dramatically. According to the Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS), the river is currently cresting at about 961 feet, indicating moderate flood levels at the stream gauge near Marble Rock. Just downstream, residents from six Greene, Iowa homes were rescued overnight. Butler County Sheriff Jason Johnson said that residents in up to 80 homes are expected to move to higher ground within the next day. A few of the town’s streets have been reported to be flooded with up to two feet of water. School was cancelled on Thursday for students in Greene and Clarksville, Iowa.

The heavy rainfall is the result of an east-to-west frontal boundary intercepted by a low-level jet stream. In this kind of weather pattern, several thunderstorms are likely to stall over a given area. The Weather Channel reports that clusters of thunderstorms are possible through Friday morning. If thunderstorms continue to redevelop over the area, one to four additional inches of rain are likely.

For real-time, detailed flood information, forecasts, and visualizations for all communities in Iowa, visit the Iowa Flood Information System. If you’re new to the platform, take a look at this video tutorial for IFIS users.

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