CGRER co-director inducted into University of Kentucky Hall of Distinction

CGRER co-director Gregory R. Carmichael sits on a World Canvass panel celebrating CGRER’s 25th anniversary. (KC McGinnis / CGRER)
KC McGinnis | March 8, 2016

University of Iowa Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and co-director of the UI Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research (CGRER) Gregory Carmichael will be inducted into the Hall of Distinction at his alma mater, the University of Kentucky College of Engineering. Carmichael received his MS and PhD degrees from the school in 1975 and 1979, respectively.

Carmichael is currently conducting research related to air quality and atmospheric chemistry modeling, with recent publications in the journals Atmospheric Environment and Environmental Science & Technology. His most recent publications look at the factors contributing to ambient levels of particulate matter, which can contribute to respiratory problems, in arid areas around the world. Carmichael has also contributed to important research on the impacts of black carbon in the Arctic as the carbon from diesel engines and heavy industry settles on white ice sheets, speeding up the melting process.

In addition to co-founding CGRER, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, Carmichael also directs the Iowa Informatic Initiative.

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