Drainage and water quality research site celebrates 25th year

A screen shot from an Iowa State University Extension video highlighting the Gilmore City research site. (YouTube)
A screen shot from an Iowa State University Extension video highlighting the Gilmore City research site. (YouTube)
KC McGinnis | January 5, 2016

In 1988, researchers at Iowa State University proposed a site that would measure the impacts of varying crop rotations and fertilizing techniques on water quality. This year the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Research and Demonstration Site near Gilmore City celebrates 25 years of operation, highlighted in a video released by the Iowa State University Extension.

“It’s probably one of the longest running drainage research facilities in the country,” said Iowa State University Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Matt Helmers in the video.

Researchers have used the experimental plot of land to analyze different nutrient techniques and their effects on water quality. Over the years they’ve had the advantage of observing the use of those strategies in a variety of weather conditions, making their findings useful around the country.

“That farm has been critical,” said Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey in the video, “and now it’s been replicated at other farms around Iowa and other states as well.”

Perhaps what makes the Gilmore City research facility most special is its longevity, which allows researchers to see not just short-term effects but long-term as well.

“It takes studies like this that have been in place for 25 years and counting to be able to answer some of the important questions facing agriculture,” said Iowa State Associate Dean in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences John Lawrence in the video.

See the full video here:

2 thoughts on “Drainage and water quality research site celebrates 25th year

  1. Mr. Bill Northey needs to come to my place and test the creek before the 2 15000 hog confinements that were just built last year do there 1st manure spread and then every year after to see how bad my creek is polluted each year. This owner gets manure contracts from surrounding neighbors but usually dumps all on his site ground. Then make sure you are here to enjoy the horrible smell I will have. Mr Northey please show up and tell me why no one listens to the neighbors that are over run with these corporate farmers that don’t care bout the environment? We have no voice and yes I have wrote and talked to every representative in the state house and no one listens cause I don’t have the money to “buy” my way. Where are my rights to enjoy mowing my lawn and not be in fear of illness from these confinements? Mr Gipp and I have even talked and he is Mr Branstad’s yes man.

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