Ahead of caucus, Iowans can vote for their preferred climate candidate


KC McGinnis | January 21, 2016

Just days before Iowans kick off the 2016 presidential election by caucusing for Democratic and G.O.P. presidential candidates, an Iowa group will be hosting a model caucus focused on climate issues.

The Climate Emergency Caucus will take place on Friday, January 29 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Central Campus. There Iowans will participate in a mock caucus in which they will select the 2016 presidential candidate they believe is most committed to driving down greenhouse gas emissions to a net zero level and stopping the Bakken pipeline from gaining approval to stretch across Iowa.

The caucus is being organized by environment group The Climate Mobilization, which seeks to emphasize the urgency of climate action by framing the crisis as an international emergency that should be at the forefront of the next President’s policy agenda. Iowans are increasingly looking to climate-related policies when voting – 82 percent of registered Iowa voters said that they consider the energy policies of presidential hopefuls to be a major factor when selecting a candidate.

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