List ranks Iowa as America’s 9th cleanest energy state


Nick Fetty | November 4, 2015

Iowa ranks ninth in the nation for renewable energy production, according to a recent article by the website Modernize.

The list points out that between 1960 and 2013 Iowa has generated nearly 80 percent of its energy from renewable sources. The Hawkeye State is the lone representative from the Midwest to crack the top 10.

“Maybe Washington, California, and Oregon come as no surprise – we associate them with environmental concern and the geographical variety to embrace multiple renewable technologies simultaneously. But the rest of the states that top the renewables ranking embody a striking mix of size, population, political preference, and socioeconomic standing. If this ranking indicates anything, it’s that success with renewables is possible in any combination of circumstances.”

Data on the list comes from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) which has been tracking stats since 1960. The article also included lists for other energy-related categories such as Top 10 by Renewable Energy Percentage, Bottom 10 by Renewable Energy Percentage, Top 10 Most-Improved CO2 Emitters Since 1990, and Top 10 CO2 Emitters. The article also points out that efforts to utilize renewable energy have been successful in traditionally industrial states such as Michigan, New York, and Ohio.

While Iowa generates approximately 27 percent of its electricity from wind power, nearly two-thirds of electricity production in the Hawkeye States still comes from coal-fired power plants, according to July 2015 data from the EIA. Nearly 10 percent of Iowa’s electricity comes from nuclear power at the state’s sole nuclear plant in Palo.

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