CGRER’s 25th anniversary reception highlights center’s inter-disciplinary emphasis

CGRER co-directors Jerry Schnoor (left) and Greg Carmichael. (CGRER)
CGRER co-directors Jerry Schnoor (left) and Greg Carmichael. (CGRER)

Nick Fetty | October 28, 2015

The University of Iowa’s Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research (CGRER) celebrated its 25th anniversary with a reception earlier this month.

Roughly 30 students, professors, politicians, and others attended the event which included short speeches from CGRER co-founders Greg Carmichael and Jerry Schnoor, CGRER member and former state legislator David Osterberg, and UI Vice President of Research and Economic Development Dan Reed.

“One of the really powerful attributes of CGRER is that it exemplifies [a] multi-disciplinary [approach],” Reed said. “That’s one of the great strengths, I think, of an organization like CGRER is it has this broad cross-section of intellectual activity driven by diverse and disparate disciplines across campus.”

CGRER was established in 1990 with the help of then state legislators Paul Johnson, David Osterberg, and Ralph Rosenberg. The Center started with 25 members and today has 112 members from eight different institutions, including Iowa’s three regent universities. These members encompass a wide range of academic disciplines from anthropology to urban and regional planning.

In commemoration of the event, CGRER compiled a 12-page report which includes profiles of CGRER members, a timeline of international and local climate events since the 1980s, and a message about the center’s history written by Carmichael and Schnoor.

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