CGRER 25th Anniversary Profiles: Peter Thorne

Dr. Peter Thorne has been at the University of Iowa since 1988. (College of Public Health/University of Iowa)

Nick Fetty | September 25, 2015

As one of the first members of CGRER, Peter Thorne appreciates the synergies he’s seen develop between CGRER and the UI College of Public Health, where he serves as the head of Occupational and Environmental Health.

Thorne says much of his department’s research is divided into three categories: air and water quality issues associated with livestock production, the effect of climate change on public health, and non-agriculture sources of air and water pollution.

“The tools and expertise of CGRER members have been valuable to those of us looking at the interplay between environmental issues and public health,” he said.

Thorne also admires the way CGRER engages with the public on environmental issues.

“As scholars, we need to do more of this sort of engagement and education,” he said. “CGRER is a model for how to do this effectively.”

In looking to the future, Thorne believes it’s vital that current CGRER members help train the next generation of researchers and scientists.

“As we senior researchers grow older, helping with the transition to new leadership is essential,” he said. “There’s no shortage of talent, but we need to make sure these younger people are nurtured and supported.”

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