Iowa City’s ‘Rummage in the Ramp’ raises more than $17,000

(City of Iowa City)
(City of Iowa City)

Nick Fetty | August 6, 2015

More than $17,000 was raised at this year’s ‘Rummage in the Ramp’ and that money will be split among the 36 local nonprofit organizations that helped with the event.

Rummage in the Ramp is an annual event organized by the City of Iowa City that gives an opportunity for area residents to either donate or purchase items at a garage sale-style market in the Chauncey Swan Parking Ramp downtown. The 10-day event not only serves as a fundraiser for local nonprofits – several of which are University of Iowa student organizations – but it also diverts thousands of pounds of reusable or recyclable items from ending up in the landfill.

“It’s a college town so a lot of leases have changed over in the last week or week and a half. So the whole point is to keep the stuff out of the landfill when the lease change over, keep it off the curbs keep it from getting ruined and get it to homes that can use it,” Iowa City recycling coordinator Jen Jordan told KGAN.

This year’s event saw more than 100 couches, 50 tables, 50 mattresses and box springs, 75 boxes of books, a couple of upright pianos, an organ, and more. In total, 25 tons of items were donated, displayed, and sold. Approximately six tons of items remained unsold when the sale ended on Sunday and these leftovers were either recycled or donated to local agencies such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

Rummage in the Ramp has taken place each year since 2007. The 2015 event set a record for the number of participating nonprofits though raised slightly less money than the record $20,688 last year. Nearly 200 volunteers helped with the 2015 event and each of the 36 organizations received $457.

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