Climate change evangelist Katherine Hayhoe to lecture at ISU for Earth Day

Katherine Hayhoe will discuss ways that Iowa farmers and businesses can combat climate change during a lecture at Iowa State University on April 22. (Ashely Rodgers/Texas Tech University)

Nick Fetty | April 21, 2015

Atmospheric scientist and a climate change evangelist Katherine Hayhoe will present “Climate Urgency & How Iowa Farmers and Businesses Can Take the Lead” at Iowa State University as part of an Earth Day commemoration on April 22.

Hayhoe is an an Associate Professor in the Public Administration program at Texas Tech University and also directs the school’s Climate Science Center. She serves as the science adviser for Showtime’s Emmy award-winning documentary series “The Years of Living Dangerously” and has also been featured on the PBS’s “The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers.”

In 2014, Time magazine named Hayhoe one of The 100 Most Influential People particularly because of her work as a climate change evangelist which allows her to combine her Christian faith with her passion for educating the world about climate change.

“There’s something fascinating about a smart person who defies stereotype. That’s what makes my friend Katharine Hayhoe — a Texas Tech climatologist and an evangelical Christian — so interesting,” wrote actor Don Cheadle for a profile in Time. “It’s hard to be a good steward of the planet if you don’t accept the hard science behind what’s harming it, and it can be just as hard to take action to protect our world if you don’t love it as the rare gift it is.”

The event is schedule to begin at 7 p.m. and will take place in Great Hall at the Memorial Union. The lecture will also be live streamed online.

Cosponsors for this event include: the Climate Science Program, the Environmental Law and Policy Center, the Iowa Environmental Council, the Iowa Interfaith Power & Light, NSF EPSCoR, and the Committee on Lectures (funded by GSB).

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