On the Radio: American Solar Challenge passing through Iowa this weekend

Iowa State University’s solar car, built by students in Team PrISUm, runs a qualifying lap at the Formula Sun Gran Prix on July 18 (Team PrISUM Facebook page)

This week’s On the Radio segment looks at the American Solar Challenge, a 1700-mile solar car race that’s passing through Iowa this weekend. The race includes a car built by students at Iowa State University. Listen to the audio below, or continue reading for the transcript.

Transcript: American Solar Challenge

More than 20 student-designed solar-powered vehicles, including one from Iowa State University, will be racing through Iowa this weekend on July 26.

This is the Iowa Environmental Focus.

The 2014 American Solar Challenge, an eight-day, 1700-mile solar car race from Austin, Texas to Minneapolis, Minnesota will take a pit stop in Ames Saturday before the race’s final leg to Minneapolis. The competition is the culmination of more than two years of planning and construction by teams from all around the country.

Iowa State’s solar car team, Team PrISUm, will be making its its sixth appearance in the American Solar Challenge since the group started building solar cars in 1989. Their last solar car, Hyperion, was capable of reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour.

The race allows students to explore the capabilities of solar power while gaining hands-on engineering experience.

For more information about the American Solar Challenge, visit IowaEnvironmentalFocus.org.

From the UI Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, I’m Jerry Schnoor.

The Team PrISUm website

Team PrISUm’s Facebook page

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