On the Radio: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report

Photo via UN ISDR; Flickr

This week’s On the Radio segment explores the findings of the IPCC’s research into climate change, and what the future holds. Listen to the audio below, or continue reading for the transcript.

A recent report on climate change shows that climate risks continue to grow as the earth’s temperature rises.

This is the Iowa Environmental Focus.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, projects fast-rising sea levels, declining fisheries, more air pollution, and an ice-free Arctic summer in its latest assessment of climate change impacts.

Previously released reports state that climate change will soon become irreversible, and that the changes are already disrupting human activity. The most recent report tells us how to get our planet back on track.

The Panel called for a strategy to significantly reduce fossil fuel use without sacrificing economic growth in the process. Suggesting a full-scale phase out of fossil fuels within the next 15 years and severely cutting greenhouse gas emissions, the Panel stresses that action must be coordinated on the global scale to truly be effective.

For more information on the IPCC climate change report, visit iowaenvironmentalfocus.org.

From the UI Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, I’m Jerry Schnoor.

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