On the Radio: Radon Testing Programs


Photo by GrrlScientist; Flickr

This week’s On the Radio segment covers the issue of radon testing and it’s funding in both the state and federal levels. Listen to the audio below, or continue reading for the transcript.

Radon testing in Iowa schools is facing budget cutbacks.

This is the Iowa Environmental Focus. 

The proposed federal budge for the next fiscal year has targeted the $8 million State Indoor Radon Grant Program for elimination. 

Lawmakers are concerned that “Without the guidance and funding support from the EPA, state programs will simply not be able to protect the public from the threat of radon.”

Radon is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas that causes lung cancer, and it has been found in elevated levels in homes and other buildings in every state.The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that nearly one out of every 15 homes in the country has unsafe levels of radon.

The state of Iowa is located in Zone 1 of the EPA’s radon zones – the area of highest average concentrations.

To learn more about what Iowa lawmakers are doing about radon testing, visit iowaenvironmentalfocus.org. 

From the UI Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, I’m Jerry Schnoor. 


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