Event: Iowa Climate Festival – April 26, 2014


 Continue reading for the event schedule! 

Schedule of Events

The Iowa Climate Symposium

9:00am – 12:30pm, Macbride Hall (2nd Floor)

 Session 1: The basics of climate science

Join local experts as they discuss greenhouse gases, particles in the air, and their effects on climate.  Featured presenters include:

  • Vicki Grassian (UI Department of Chemistry) – “The Chemistry and Impacts of Particulate Matter in the Atmosphere”
  • Charles Stanier (UI Chemical & Biochemical Engineering) – “The earth’s energy budget:  the physical basis underlying predictions of climate change”
  • Marnie Stein (Iowa Department of Natural Resources)- “Iowa Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Trends”

 Session 2: What does the future hold for climate in Iowa?

Distinguished speakers will discuss what a changing climate will mean for Iowa as we look towards the future. Issues related to Iowa’s agriculture, public health, and water sustainability will be discussed.

  • Jerry Hatfield (USDA) – “Climate impacts on agriculture will increase the variability in food production and environmental quality”
  • Wanda Reiter-Kintz (State Hygienic Laboratory) – “Public Health Implications of Climate Change”
  • Jerry Schnoor (UI Civil and Environmental Engineering) –“The Role of Climate and Land Use Change on Water Quality”

Following each session, speakers will take questions from the audience.  Between the two sessions, we will break for further discussion, coffee, and juice.

Climate Science Fair

1:30 – 4:00 pm, Biosphere Discovery Hub (3rd Floor)

Explore climate science through hands-on experiments at the Climate Science Fair.  Learn what makes a gas a greenhouse gas, how clouds form, how particles in the air cool the earth, what your carbon footprint means for the ocean, and more!  Bring your questions to local climate researchers and green chemists, learn how to reduce your environmental impact, and join us for an ice cream social!

“Heat waves & Big freezes!  Climate, Extinction & the Fossil Record”

2:00  3:00pm, Macbride Hall (2nd Floor)

Explore prehistoric climates through fossils with Don Johnson, “The Fossil Guy”.  A 30-minute talk (geared towards elementary students) will be followed by 30 minutes of hands-on interactive time with fossils and replicas.

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