Practical Farmers of Iowa Gather for Field Day

Photo by mlhauge; Flickr

In conjunction with the Scattergood Friends School, the Ames based Practical Farmers of Iowa  group hosted an education field day last week. Tomoko Ogawa, of Ames, a staff member with Practical Farmers of Iowa, said the goal of the nonprofit is to facilitate research among farmers.

“The main goal is for farmers to be teaching other farmers and exchanging farm research,” she said. “It’s a diverse group of people, from big corporate farmers to small vegetable farmers.”

According to attendees, cover crops  are making a comeback.

Liz Kolbe, of Ames, a Practical Farmers of Iowa staffer with a master’s degree in agroecosystem science, said cover crops are a popular technique being researched among group members. “It’s a really old practice that’s coming back into vogue,” she said.

To learn more, or to watch an interview, head over to the Press-Citizen.

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