Register editorial calls for agricultural reform

Photo by cwwycoff1; Flickr
Photo by cwwycoff1; Flickr

A recent editorial in the Des Moines Register highlights the need for state-wide agricultural reform in the context of escalating environmental issues. The column criticizes Iowa’s political leadership and agricultural groups for failing to institute the necessary rules and regulations to protect the environment.

The editorial cites this month’s state meetings with the US Environmental Protection Agency to discuss the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ plan to meet federal clean water standards. The meetings included agricultural groups and the Iowa Farm Bureau while excluding environmental groups and the general public, which spurred a protest outside of Governor Terry Branstad’s office.

It also calls on livestock and crop commodity groups to bridge the gap between Iowa farmers and the citizens who feel the effects of their agricultural practices by accepting regulations and becoming environmental advocates.

To read the entire editorial column, click here.

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