Iowa State Fair going green

2012 Iowa State Fair. Photo by John Pemble; Flickr
2012 Iowa State Fair. Photo by John Pemble; Flickr

This year’s Iowa State Fair hopes to be greener than ever as event organizers renew their commitment to environmental responsibility. The celebration will feature a dedicated recycling initiative, a “Clean 5k Run” where runners will collect litter, and MidAmerican Energy’s Wind Turbine and Wind Education Center. Even the famous food stands are contributing to the environmental effort by recycling cardboard, plastic cups, and grease.

The Iowa State Fair, a tradition since 1854, takes place on the fairgrounds in Des Moines, August 8-18.

Visitors can explore the eco-friendly Expo Hill, which utilizes solar pavers, lighting and seating, electronics to monitor wind and solar power production, and other green features. At the top of the hill sit MidAmerican’s turbine and educational facility.

For more information about the Fair’s environmental efforts, click here.

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