Iowa’s Push for National Flood Center

Photo by greghauenstein; Flickr

Congressman Dave Loebsack has proposed a plan that will create a institution, much like the University of Iowa Flood Center, that will bring together academic institutions and federal agencies. The goal of the National Flood Center would be to better understand flooding and possibly prevent damage. 

The National Flood Research and Education Act includes a $10 million appropriation for the center. The responsibility of preparing for and preventing floods spans several federal agencies, including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Weather Service. A centralized, academically-led center would be beneficial to communication between institutions.

“We’ve seen a lot more flood events, Hurricane Sandy and others,” Loebsack said. “I think there’s a lot more seriousness of purpose about doing what we can to make sure that we understand why floods occur, to make sure that we have the kind of recovery that we need from floods and to make sure we do what we can to prevent floods in the future.”

To learn more about Loebsack’s plan and his stop in Iowa City, head over the to Press-Citizen.

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