Mosquitoes, ticks reflect larger concerns

Photo by Joe Oughton; Flickr
Photo by Joe Oughton; Flickr

The quickly expanding territories of pests like the Asian tiger mosquito and the deer tick may be more than just annoying. Experts say that they are signs of larger issues, for both our health and the environment.

The spread of bugs also indicates the spread of diseases carried by bugs, including Lyme disease, dengue virus, and very rarely, West Nile virus.

Climate change may play a role in the rise of these bloodsucking pests. Cold winters kill off most mosquitoes and ticks; as winters get warmer, it is easier for bugs to survive the season.

Entomologist Brian Allen says that human globalization could also be to blame for the spread of such invasive species. As people, animal, and goods travel around the world, these species are transported as well.

For more information about mosquitoes, ticks, and how they affect us, click here.

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