America’s risk for water scarcity linked to drought conditions

Photo by Burning Rubber; Flickr

A new report from Columbia University’s Water Center reveals that some of America’s businesses and cities are undergoing a much greater risk than before of water scarcity.

Upmanu Lall, director of Columbia Water Center said the risk may be due to a higher demand of water than what is available. The study also reveals that drought conditions in some areas around the nation may intensify the water shortage problem.

Cities including Washington, D.C.; New York City; Los Angeles and San Diego are under most concern. Water scarcity in those areas could affect approximately 40 million Americans. Along with those cities, some Midwestern states including Nebraska, Illinois, and Minnesota may also be affected, which raises concern for almost 40 percent of America’s corn, which is heavily relied on around the nation.

The see the Columbia University report on America’s risk for water scarcity click here.

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