Iowa farmers see an increase in herbicide-resistant weeds on soybean and corn fields

Photo by claire.vath; Flickr

Due to herbicide-resistant weeds which have increased on Iowa soybean and corn fields, farmers are seeking other ways to manage weeds.While farmers sprayed glyphosate, a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide on fields, this has sped up the evolution of weeds that which are resistant to the most popular weed killer in America, the broad-spectrum systemic herbicide, Roundup.

Iowa State University agronomist, Micheal Owen said a solution to this problem would be for farmers to stop their current weed-killing strategies and try several other strategies to manage the increase of herbicide resistant weeds. He suggested that a combination of crop rotation, cover crops, manual tillage and a broader range of herbicides less dependent on glyphosate would be a good plan.

For more information on herbicide-resistant weeds in Iowa farms click here.

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