On the Radio: Warmer temperatures linked to increased rainfall

Photo by iowa_spirit_walker, Flickr.
Photo by iowa_spirit_walker, Flickr.

Listen to this week’s radio segment here or read the transcript below. This week’s segment discusses the connection between warmer temperatures and increased rainfall.

A University of Iowa study shows an increase in heavy rainfall is connected to increased temperatures in the upper Midwest.

This is the Iowa Environmental Focus.

The study shows that over the last 60 years the upper Midwest has experienced heavy rain events more frequently. It’s believed this is related to the increased temperatures in the area. Warmer surface temperatures allow the atmosphere to absorb more water, which leads to a higher chance of heavy rainfall.

This study looked at the entire Central United States. The upper Midwest area showed the increase in heavy rainfall and temperature.

The data doesn’t include the current drought, which isn’t expected to alter the results since the study looked at heavy rainfall events, and not average annual rainfall.

For more information, visit IowaEnvironmentalFocus.org.

From the UI Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, I’m Jerry Schnoor.

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