UI professor looks at legal consequences of geo-engineering

Photo by Mikenan1, Flickr.
Photo by Mikenan1, Flickr.

One proposed way to deal with climate change is to manipulate the environment in a way that limits or slows the damage caused by the increasing temperatures. This act of manipulating the environment is known as geo-engineering.

Examples of geo-engineering include painting roofs and paved areas white to cut down on heat absorption, and injecting chemicals into the upper atmosphere to create an aerosol shield around earth.

University of Iowa law professor Jon Carlson is exploring the legal ramifications of the geo-engineering efforts. After all, a geo-engineering effort could hurt a country’s farming while mitigating climate change. Carlson believes these types of issues are important to discuss now before action is taken.

Read more about geo-engineering and Carlson’s suggestions for dealing with the legal complications connected to geo-engineering here.

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