On the Radio: Tailgating impacts environment at UI

Photo by wdecora, Flickr.

Listen to this week’s radio segment here or read the transcript below. This week’s episode discusses the effects of tailgating on Iowa City’s air pollution.

Tailgating is a beloved game-day tradition in Iowa City, but it can have a significant environmental impact.

This is the Iowa Environmental Focus.

Researchers at the University of Iowa have found that the traffic and outdoor cooking that occurs when UI has a home football game, can result in changes and increases in Iowa City’s air pollution.

Additionally, grilling also releases the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Environmentally inclined tailgaters can reduce their impact by grilling with gas. Charcoal releases 11 pounds of the carbon dioxide per hour of grilling, while gas grilling releases only 6.6 pounds.

Tailgaters should also be realistic with the amount of food they cook. After every home game, a large amount of food is left behind as waste, most of which ends up in the landfill.

For more information, visit IowaEnvironmentalFocus.org.

From the UI Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, I’m Jerry Schnoor.

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