Geothermal tax credit aims to diversify Iowa’s renewable energy sources

Geothermal pipe installation. Photo by CSLP, Flickr.

A bill was signed into law this spring that seeks to diversify Iowa’s renewable energy sources by providing a first-ever tax credit for geothermal projects in the state.

Iowa is already a national leader in wind energy, and geothermal installers say this new bill is already helping to increase demand for geothermal energy as well.

“Most [customers] already know that they want geothermal,” said Reed Carlson, who co-founded Geothermal EcoOptions in Decorah, Iowa. “Now they see it and say ‘I can afford to do it.’”

Geothermal systems work by pumping fluid through a system of undeground pipes deep below the surface, where the temperature hovers between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit year round. The process mitigates the temperature of the fluid, allowing the system to pump cool water to the surface during the summer, and warm fluid in the winter.

For more information, read the full article from Midwest Energy News.

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