Iowa Goodwill stores to cease television recycling program

Photo by photophonic, Flickr.

Starting July 1, many Iowa Goodwill stores will no longer accept donations of unwanted televisions.

Dana Engelbert of Goodwill said it’s become too costly for the company to dispose of televisions that sit around in the stores, gathering dust and taking up shelf space.

“If you can’t sell a television for $1.38, it’s pretty obvious there just isn’t the demand there for them,” Engelbert said in an interview with KCRG.

The company said it spent $150,000 disposing of unwanted televisions over the past five months.

A few options remain for Iowa residents who want to responsibly dispose of their old televisions. As discussed on our radio segment concerning e-waste, some electronics manufacturers offer disposal services and recycling programs, and many Iowa cities benefit from similar programs in their own communities. The EPA and Iowa DNR websites contain more information on the best recycling options for your area.

For more information, read the full articles at KCRG, and the Des Moines Register

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