Think tank claims inaction by Iowa lawmakers on pollution, climate change

The Iowa State House. Photo by w4nd3rl0st, Flickr.

According to an Iowa think tank, state legislators have ignored advice concerning air and water pollution problems that will be exacerbated by climate change.

The charge comes from the Iowa City based Iowa Policy Project, which released a report on Monday accusing lawmakers of failing to heed the advice of the very panels they appointed to help solve these issues.

“Climate change is a reality,” said David Osterberg, a former legislator who leads the Iowa Policy Project. “It is having a big effect on Iowa right now. That has all kinds of ramifications. The Legislature isn’t doing much about it.”

The Project claims that climate change is generating more instances of heavy rainfall, which worsens soil and chemical runoff while also contributing to sewage passes and flooding. However, recommendations made by the Water Resources Coordinating Council to control the runoff were largely ignored.

For more information, read the Iowa Policy Project’s press release and a full article by the Des Moines Register.

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