On the Radio: Experience Iowa’s natural beauty through hiking

Dolliver State Park in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Photo by DopT, Flickr.

Listen to this week’s radio segment here or read the transcript below. This week’s discusses the extensive hiking options within Iowa.

When you think of hiking, states like Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana likely come to mind. But have you considered the extensive hiking options available within Iowa?

This is the Iowa Environmental Focus.

Iowa boasts 70 state parks and preserves, numerous city and county parks, as well as one of the most extensive recreational trail systems in the nation.

Iowa’s state forests play host to some of our state’s most beautiful trails. Iowa has four major state forests as well as six smaller areas.

On January 1st, 111 Iowans joined hikers across the nation participating in First Day Hikes. The event was organized by the America’s State Parks organization to promote hiking in the U.S.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources offers extensive information on Iowa’s hiking options, including a list of state parks and trails, park maps and trail mileage charts.

For links to Iowa’s best hiking areas, visit IowaEnvironmentalFocus.org.

I’m Jerry Schnoor from the UI Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research.

Thank You.

One thought on “On the Radio: Experience Iowa’s natural beauty through hiking

  1. I purchased a book at Barnes and Nobles that has maps and hicking places at state parks in Central Iowa. i have really enjoyed using it and it has really helped me find some great areas.

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