Lead shot regulation faces opposition

Lead shot is often used in the hunting of mourning doves.

A pair of legislative panels today voted in favor of abolishing a state administrative rule that would ban the use of lead shot in the hunting of mourning doves. It is predicted that the Iowa House and Senate will agree to nullify the regulation as early as next week.

The regulation was originally proposed by the Natural Resource Commission, a citizen panel appointed by the governor.

Many hunters use lead shot as an effective and inexpensive alternative to other types of ammunition, but environmental advocates argue that lead pellets harm the environment by poisoning the animals that inadvertently ingest them.

“I think it was just an overreach by the Natural Resource Commission,” Sen. Dick Dearden D-Des Moines said. He added, “They decided they were going to make law without finding out what legislative intent was.”

Other lawmakers disagreed with Dearden’s assessment.

“I think it is a bit unfortunate that we don’t have more proactive leadership in our hunting community,” Sen. Joe Bolkcom, D-Iowa City said. He went on to say that Iowans should support a responsible phase out of lead shot.

In November 2011, the Iowa Environmental Focus distributed a radio segment arguing against the use of lead shot by hunters.

For more information on this controversial issue, read the full article at the Des Moines Register.


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