Iowa City to evict crows from downtown

Crows tend to become a problem in Iowa City throughout November and December.

The City of Iowa City is fighting back against a growing population of crows that’s been infesting downtown streets and worrying local business owners.

“As it gets colder, the crows are attracted to three things: trees, light and heat,” said Michael Moran, Iowa City Parks and Recreation Director. “These seem to be a perfect storm in the ped mall.”

The city will attempt to scare the crows off using a collection of reflective streamers and eye-colored balloons. These devices, when stirred by the wind, should simulate a moving predator and motivate the crows to gather somewhere else.

Moran said the streamers and balloons have been used elsewhere with some success, but he is unsure where the crows will go if they’re successfully enticed away from the downtown area.

For more information, read the full article at the Press-Citizen.

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