Six Iowa watersheds receive management funding

Last week watershed management received a boost across Iowa when the Economic Development Authority and the Department of Natural Resources distributed funding to monitor flooding.

Read more from the Iowa DNR press release below:

The Economic Development Authority (IEDA) and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) today announced funding for six Watershed Management Authority (WMA) applications.  Recipients of the seed money will form a WMA to reduce future flood risks and improve water quality in a watershed. 

The following entities have been selected to receive funding:

• City of Dubuque for Catfish Creek, $24,500
• City of Marion for Indian Creek, $27,600
• Clayton County for Turkey River, $30,000
• Floyd County for Upper Cedar River, $21,500
• Story County for Squaw Creek, $25,060
• Dallas County for Middle-South Raccoon, $29,350

Award recipients will have six months to invite all political subdivisions in the watershed to participate, establish a board of directors and enter into a formal agreement with all interested parties.  It is expected that the program will offer a second phase of funding for the purpose of developing a watershed management plan that addresses water quality and quantity issues.  Phase II will also begin with a competitive request for proposal process and is expected to begin in approximately six months.

The funding for this program was provided through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Disaster Relief allocation and is available only to the 85 counties declared federal disaster areas during the 2008 floods, or cities within those counties.

For more information contact Tina Hoffman, IEDA, 515-725-3150 or mobile 515-783-8225, or Allen Bonini, DNR, 515-281-5107 or

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