Johnson County moves to increase small wind use

Photo by Mr. T in DC, Flickr.

The Johnson County Board of Supervisors will meet on Dec. 8 to pass an amendment that could potentially increase residential wind turbine usage in the area.

The Iowa City Press-Citizen reports:

Turbines between 81 and 150 feet tall, which currently do not have an applicable ordinance, would be eligible for a conditional use permit under the change. Those generators — generally businesses that use the energy to power their own developments — are limited to a generating capacity of 100 kilowatts.

The proposed amendment, which will go before the Johnson County Board of Supervisors for a public hearing Dec. 8, also establishes certain restrictions on the operations, such as the turbines would need to be 1.1 times the turbine’s height away from all property lines and road right-of-way lines, comply with building codes, be a non-obtrusive color such as white or gray and can’t have any artificial lighting.

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