EPA reneges their “farm dust” regulations

Photo by quinn.anya, Flickr

The EPA is backing away from proposed increased regulations on “farm dust”. Yesterday, the EPA told congress that they would not regulate dust produced by farm operations. This comes after considerable outrage over a proposal that would have tightened the limits on course particles. These particles can be harmful to lung function.

The term “farm dust” emerged because some farmers and politicians believed that the regulations on course particles could cause farmers to institute measures regulating their dust production.

In late July, many senators – including Chuck Grassley – sent a letter to the EPA opposing the dust standard changes.

The Des Moines Register reports that politicians opposing the dust regulations want to limit the EPA’s control:

South Dakota GOP Rep. Kristi Noem introduced a bill that would ban the EPA from changing the dust limits for one year and plans to go forward with her legislation.

“EPA’s announcement does nothing to change the fact that they are still able to regulate farm dust,” Noem said. “If the EPA has no intention of regulating farm dust then they should support my legislation which excludes farm dust managed at the state or local level from federal regulatory standards.”


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