This fall’s weather is ideal for foliage

Image courtesy of the Iowa DNR

This season’s weather has been the perfect set up for fall colors as Iowa runs through its peak coloring of the season.

Read more from the Department of Natural Resources below:

Fall is often one of the best times in Iowa. Warm days and cool nights, low humidity, no bugs to bother you and the brilliant Autumn colors of our trees.

Every year thousands of Iowans and visitors alike flock to the countryside to view nature’s colorful display of red, orange, yellow and purple leaves.

Peak fall color occurs in Northeast Iowa, on the average, on the weekend closest to October 10th. Peak fall color occurs later in the more southern parts of the state, however, as explained above, it all depends. Perhaps the most important thing about fall color is having the time to enjoy it.

Fall Color Tree Information

Green Ash leaves turn yellow, but White Ash has a purplish cast. The leaves fall after those of walnut trees, but earlier than those of oaks and maples.

Bur Oak: 
Buff to yellow colors predominate in bur oaks. The leaves remain on the tree and turn brown before falling.

Elm Leaves turn various shades of yellow with some turning brown before falling, others falling while still yellow.

Leaves turn yellow on hickory trees, then brown before falling.

Maple (Soft): 
The leaves of soft (silver) maples turn yellow but do not turn brown before falling.

Maple (Hard): 
Brilliant flame red hues are the signature of hard maple leaves. The red pigmentation of some leaves breaks down before falling.

Oak (Red): 
The red oaks have brilliant red leaves in fall though the color is probably not as intense as that of some hard maples.

Oak (White): 
White oaks have a more subdued purple fall leaf color. The leaves then turn brown and often stay on the tree until new leaves begin to grow in the spring.

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