New study supports 25×25′

Photo by Leonrw, Flickr

A University of Tennessee study offers support for the 25×25’ plan – an initiative calling for 25 percent renewable energy by 2025 in the U.S. The study, conducted by the Bio-Based Energy Analysis Group, estimates that this effort could create 4.7 million jobs by 2025.

This study predicts that Iowa, and other rural states, will see the most significant job increases. It is estimate that the pursuit of the 25×25’ plan could create nearly 200,000 new jobs in Iowa.

This study comes at a time when politicians and economists frequently debate the value of President Obama’s attempts to create 5 million green jobs.

Earth Techling explains where the study’s estimates came from:

The study, done by the Bio-based Energy Analysis Group at the University of Tennessee, didn’t assume a particular set of policies, but instead tried to measure the impact of reaching the 25x’25 vision. In doing so, bio-based energy sources played a big role, with the study estimating that 15.45 quads of energy could be produced by biomass to replace gasoline, natural gas, diesel and coal demands, while solar and wind ould chip in with 7 quads of energy. “Contributions from America’s farms, forests and ranches could result in the production of 87.2 billion gallons of biofuels annually, which has the potential to decrease gasoline consumption by 59 billion gallons (based on Btu content) in 2025,” the study’s backers said.

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