DNR offers grant to reduce diesel emissions from school buses

Photo by GreenWhiteOrange

Through the DNR’s Bus Emissions Education Program, Iowa school districts can receive grants to help reduce the Diesel emissions of their buses. Districts can apply for one of two options.

The first option involves receiving a grant that goes towards replacing a pre-1994 bus with a new bus that has an EPA-certified engine. This option also requires that the school district installs up to 20 closed crankcase ventilation systems or diesel oxidation catalysts on their buses with pre-2004 engines. The cost of the crankcase ventilations systems and diesel catalysts will be fully reimbursed.

The second option does not provide the grant towards the new bus, but offers the same deal for the installation of the crankcase ventilation systems and diesel oxidation catalysts.

Applications for the grants are due on December 6.

The DNR press release reports that these measures should help reduce the dangerous emissions from school buses:

Diesel bus engines manufactured before 1994 emit the most toxic diesel fine particles. Diesel oxidation catalysts replace mufflers and contain a honeycomb-like structure coated with an active catalyst layer that reduce harmful emissions by about 30 percent as they flow through the equipment. Closed crankcase ventilation systems remove 100 percent of the crankcase emissions that are generated while the engine is operating, removing the possibility of emissions building inside the bus cabin where students are.

One thought on “DNR offers grant to reduce diesel emissions from school buses

  1. Have two buses equip with natural gas, and monitor the results.
    compare those results and implement the best practice.

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