Iowa mountain lion sighting confirmed

Photo by CaliforniaDFG, Flickr

Mountain lions in Iowa? The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has confirmed that a photograph taken in Clinton County last week is of a mountain lion.

The DNR hopes that this mountain lion sighting wont cause a panic. Mountain lion attacks are rare; between 1991 and 2003 there was on average 5.6 attacks in North America per year, and ten total resultant deaths during those 13 years. Also, it is believed that the mountain lion is just passing through the state, and could possibly already have left Iowa.

However, the DNR does offer advice for dealing with a mountain lion attack:

  • DON’T RUN! Running will stimulate certain animals to chase you (like a dog that wants to bite you, especially if you run).
  • Stand tall, look big, puff up, lift your coat over your shoulders.
  • Take control of the situation. Scream loudly, throw objects.
  • Gather children in close and slowly back away keeping your eye of the animal.
  • If attacked, fight back vigorously with sharp objects and poke the eyes of the animal.


One thought on “Iowa mountain lion sighting confirmed

  1. Funny, people have been reporting mountain lion sightings here in Emmet County for over a year. Latest report is that one was shot near Iowa Lake, but not confirmed to our newspaper yet. Iowa DNR assured me a year ago, there are no mountain lions in Iowa and to report anything about them would not be backed by facts. ???????

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