Fort Calhoun emergency alert recinded

Photo by Gordilly, Flickr

As the Missouri River flood waters finally begin to recede, the power plant’s emergency status is finally removed.

The Washington Post reports:

Officials say an idled Nebraska nuclear plant that was entirely surrounded by Missouri River floodwaters earlier this summer is no longer under a flood emergency.

Omaha Public Power District spokesman Jeff Hanson said the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant about 20 miles north of Omaha ended its low-level flood emergency Monday.

The river near the plant has fallen to a half-foot below the elevation of the plant’s main buildings. Workers already have begun removing some flood barriers and disassembling the elevated catwalks workers used to cross the flooded parking lot.

Fort Calhoun has been shut down since April because it was being refueled before the flooding began. It’s not clear when it will restart because officials haven’t been able to determine what repairs are needed.

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