Waterloo schools make green cleaning a daily routine

Photo by SEIU International, Flickr

For the past seven years the Waterloo Community School District has implemented green cleaning measures at their schools. These measures include the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents, limiting paper waste and switching out their old lights with low-mercury bulbs.

WCF Courier reports:

House File 823, which requires public schools, among other state institutions and agencies, to comply with an “environmentally preferable cleaning and maintenance policy,” goes into effect July 12, 2012. But Waterloo’s district buildings already will have been using green products for seven years.

Green cleaning is meant to protect people’s health in ways that are environmentally friendly.

“Many conventional cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that are a source for indoor air pollution,” said Mike Loftus, custodial manager for the Waterloo School District. “Children, especially those with asthma or asthma-related illnesses, are at a high risk for health problems from polluted air and chemical exposures.

The process began after a conversation between Loftus and Marty Metcalf, Waterloo schools’ director of operations.

“We started experimenting with different chemicals, looking at what could replace ours, to meet the ‘Green Seal’ certification while also maintaining our cleaning standards,” Loftus said. “We could see where the trend was going.”

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