Eco-friendly streets coming to Iowa City

Photo by Pam_Broviak, Flickr

Iowa City’s streets just received a green boost. A new environmentally friendly asphalt additive was used today on Capitol Street. This additive allows the asphalt to work at lower temperatures than usual, leading to a reduction in the fuel needed to heat the asphalt. Other benefits include faster cooling of the asphalt and reduced fumes.

The Press-Citizen reports:

On Tuesday, a crew from North Liberty-based LL Pelling will be laying warm mix asphalt on a section of Capitol Street. The asphalt, which features an additive called Low Energy and Low Carbon-Dioxide Asphalt Pavement is relatively new.

“It’s never been used in warm mix asphalt here in the United States,” said Carrie Herrera, who handles marketing for LL Pelling.

The additive makes asphalt — already America’s most recycled product, according to LL Pelling — even more environmentally friendly.

Although city streets traditionally are patched and resurfaced with hot mix asphalt, LEADCAP allows the asphalt to be kept at a lower temperature, typically about 30 degrees cooler.

The reduction in temperature means less fuel is required to heat the asphalt, Herrera said.

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