Organizations recieve grant for aiding watersheds

photo by Deepwater Horizon Response, Flickr

The Iowa American Water’s 2011 Environmental Grant Program recently donated $6,200 to four organizations for promoting the protection of watersheds. The recipients were praised for a wide range of initiatives, from creating an educational DVD to volunteer clean up of the Mississippi river.

A press release from the American Water association details each recipient’s achievements:

Eastern Iowa Community College District’s “Resurrecting the Wetlands:  The Story of the Nahant Marsh” film will educate viewers on the importance of wetlands, their role in protecting and enhancing water quality, and the history and restoration of the Nahant Marsh.  The film will be shown on local public television and DVD copies will be distributed to local educators for use as a classroom teaching tool on water quality issues.  

City of Davenport Public Works Landscape Partner Program will provide resources (workshops, kits and a tour) to landscape contractors in order to decrease the negative impact and increase the positive impact they have on waterways and water quality.  

Living Lands & Waters ’ the Great Mississippi River Clean Up will gather approximately 1,000 to 1,500 volunteers between St. Paul, Minnesota and St. Louis, Missouri to clean up an estimated 75 tons of debris from the Upper Mississippi River.

River Action, Inc QC Wild Places Project will improve 16,000 acres of conservation for habitat, outdoor recreation and public education, market it to the general public, and through a unique partnership, ensure sustainability.

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