UI hosts sustainability camp

Photo by SD Dirk, Flickr

The University of Iowa’s School of Urban and Regional Planning is joining up with  Dubuque to promote a local, green initiative. 

Read more below: 

University of Iowa graduate students in the School of Urban and Regional Planning will begin their partnership with the city of Dubuque on nine sustainability projects in the next two years with the Sustainable Dubuque Field Camp Aug. 15-17.

The field camp is intended to give students and faculty a crash course on Dubuque’s history and its issues, enable them to meet key public and private leaders, and allow them to meet with their project partner in Dubuque so students can discuss the scope and methodology of their project.

The students’ efforts are part of the School of Urban and Regional Planning’s community-based outreach program, the Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities, launched in 2009. Starting this fall, the UI will assist Dubuque community leaders on the first five yearlong projects, which are all related to the city’s Sustainable Dubuque Initiative, started in 2006. The students are scheduled to complete four additional projects during the 2012-13 year.

The UI Office of the Provost and Office of the Vice President for Research have committed $40,690 per year to support the project.

Visit http://www.urban.uiowa.edu/content/2011-2012-Dubuque-Initiative-Project-Details for project details.

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