Volunteers cleanup RAGBRAI

Photo by tkerugger, Flickr

Volunteers around Iowa are making sure RAGBRAI destinations are as clean as they were before thousands of cyclists came through. In Coralville, over 50 people helped cleanup S.T. Morrison Park last Saturday after the riders left town. With this strong volunteer effort it only took a few hours to restore the park to its usual condition. The Press-Citizen reports that the expediency of the cleanup was aided by the responsibility of the RAGBRAI participants:

Kyle Soukup, who coordinated the cleanup, said RAGBRAI riders generally were pretty clean and did not expect the cleanup to take more than a few hours.

“The nice thing about RAGBRAI is they clean up after themselves,” he said. “We’ll go around and get the big piles (of trash). We’ll canvass the park and get the cups. The goal is when we’re done, you can’t tell 30,000 people were here.”

Workers began working early on the cleanup.

Volunteers from the community walked around the park, carrying garbage bags and picking up miscellaneous trash while city workers picked up the piles of garbage left behind by the riders and food vendors. Some went to the nearby schools to clean up after the campers had left.

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