Clinton residents plead for their air quality

Photo by contemplative imaging, Flickr

Residents in Clinton are pleading for no further increase in local air pollution. The community currently faces many air quality issues stemming from the ADM facility located in town. KWQC reports that ADM recently asked the DNR for approval to replace two solvents. This action would cause an increase in Clinton’s air pollution:

   “It’s so bad I can’t even go out in my backyard and enjoy my pond.  The pollution killed my fish last year, every one of them died. It’s killed the trees around the plant, it’s killed the grass, and it’s turned all of our houses green,” says Ed Broderick President of the South Clinton Citizens Coalition.

   People at the hearing told their state representative and state senator why they do not want the DNR to approve ADM’s request. Those in the audience claim the company is not releasing the chemicals used in the solvents, because it would give away trade secrets. “All we want is a decent price for our homes and to get on with our lives. They’ve let us down here and they don’t care,” adds Mark Herch V.P. of the South Clinton Citizens Coalition.

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