New co-op in West Des Moines

Photo by plasticdollhouse, Flickr

Strong community interest succeeded in bringing a new co-op to West Des Moines. The Tallgrass Grocery Co-op, located in the Valley Junction neighborhood, opens in the fall and offers locally grown and produced foods. The Des Moines Register reports that the financial support of locals ensured the co-op’s opening:

Organizers put out a call for supporters on June 6 with the stipulation that they would launch the market only if 200 people committed $100 each to the cause by the end of the month. Unlike a traditional store, co-ops are member-owned, and the Tallgrass founders wanted to ensure the market had the community support it would need to be successful.

The group hit its target number in two weeks with checks coming from across the metro area, said charter member Carlyn Crowe.

This co-op offers peace of mind to those in the Wes Des Moines area concerned with the quality of food available on the market.

“With a co-op, there’s no wondering what is or what might not be in your food,” said Shanen Ebersole, whose family sells grass-fed, hormone-free beef. “Local food going to local people was a system that worked for centuries, and it’s something that a lot of people want to get back to.”

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