Experts discuss renewable energy opportunities at conference in Le Mars

Tiny Le Mars, Iowa played host last week to a group of energy experts. The theme of the occasion? Opportunities for investment in Iowa’s natural energy sources, like wind and sun. 

KMEG TV reports:

The 2nd largest wind generator in the nation is reaping the benefits of going green.

“Northwest Iowa is really kind of the hub of the wind industry,” says Bill Menner, State Director of USDA Rural Development Iowa.

The breezy business has grown over the past 8 years, and it’s not only clean: it’s creating jobs.

“We have companies across the state that are building generators and towers and nacelles. It really kind of shows you how many jobs can be created, it’s in the thousands,” says Menner.

For small businesses wanting to invest: location is key.

Are you on suitable land? And will the value of the energy created be worth the cost?

If you meet these requirements, there are agencies that will help pay the bill.

“Now is certainly an ideal time, simply because of the incentives available to the builder of the system,” says Bill Haman, Industrial Program Manager for the Iowa Energy Center.



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